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Process composition and main functions of anti-counterfeiting labels


Process composition and main functions of anti-counterfeiting labels

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1. Composition of anti-counterfeit label product design

(1) In the limited space of the label, there must be basic design element patterns, LOGO, text and other corresponding functional content;

(2) It must have the anti-counterfeiting function of various text patterns designed to prevent imitation;

(3) It is important to use different combination processes in a square inch space;

(4) It is necessary to design anti-counterfeiting labels for customers that are easy to use, but cannot cause high production difficulties. In short, it is necessary to facilitate mass production or reduce costs.

2. Functional design of anti-counterfeit label products

Anti-counterfeiting labels are not simply displayed by using some anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting inks and design methods, but are anti-counterfeiting designed by a combination of different raw materials, various anti-counterfeiting technologies, different printing processes, different printing methods, and various inks. Label products. Although we cannot prevent counterfeiters from counterfeiting, if we adopt high-tech technologies that are difficult to imitate, and at the same time publicize the basic knowledge of product authenticity, that is, public identification, it can play a deterrent and anti-counterfeiting function.

3. Anti-counterfeiting label product design has certain principles

(1) The design uses some special physical marks, which are easily overlooked by imitators, or special physical marks that are easy to be seen by the designer after imitation and have obvious differences.

(2) The design chooses to copy difficult anti-counterfeiting elements, and can also choose to invest in expensive equipment and material production methods. This is also the production method commonly used in securities such as banknotes, checks, bonds, stocks, and paper notes in various countries.

(3) The design uses a combination of special markers, special inks, special materials, special processes and special equipment that are easy to identify.

(4) Make full use of the equipment of each company, and insert corresponding anti-counterfeiting technology according to the equipment and production process to make the anti-counterfeiting design personalized.

(5) Make full use of the public's easy identification, easy identification, visual identification or use simple tool identification methods to complete the anti-counterfeiting design plan. This is also the most difficult to achieve, and it is also the most easily recognized anti-counterfeiting technology by customers and merchants.

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