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2. How to use and choose appropriate anti-counterfeiting technology

  1. Choose the corresponding anti-counterfeiting technology according to the requirements

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Under normal circumstances, the selection of anti-counterfeiting technology has three basic principles: (1) It can play a role in anti-counterfeiting; (2) It is not easy to forge; (3) It is easy to be recognized by the public.

2. Marketization and high quality and low price are both important

Choose anti-counterfeiting technology, while reducing the cost of production and sales as much as possible, taking production and customers into consideration, and reducing unnecessary economic burdens on customers.

3. Requirements for the selection of anti-counterfeiting technology

No matter how powerful or high-precision, a single anti-counterfeiting technology function can not really play a role in anti-counterfeiting. For example, banknotes in each country also comprehensively utilize anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting inks, and anti-counterfeiting materials, combined with a combination of various printing techniques and production processes, to make anti-counterfeiting stronger and more precise.

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