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Brand protection and market effect of anti-counterfeit stickers


Brand protection and market effect of anti-counterfeit stickers

1. Brand protection of anti-counterfeit labels

The anti-counterfeiting label product has the characteristics of novel design, peculiar thinking and strong anti-counterfeiting function, and has a sense of mystery. Strong strength in anti-counterfeiting, from physical anti-counterfeiting to anti-copying, anti-counterfeiting, easy to identify by the public, easy for merchants to check and verify, and can provide a legal basis for corporate brands, highlighting that the products reflected by the label are genuine and the goods are real , High credibility, and demonstrates the brand's position in the market.

2. Market effect of anti-counterfeiting labels

For the internal and external production management, supply chain management, price management, Internet of Things management, traceability management and marketing management, etc., the entire production enterprise is "closed-loop supervision" at the source, and the membership system is managed at the same time, business-customer interaction + Integral marketing + mobile cash register + big data analysis + personalized targeted push + inventory management, etc., effective anti-counterfeiting and Internet of Things management guarantee, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of manufacturers and consumers.